Video Clips

SHOTOKAN - Really Old Archive

Clips from our film archive that show such famed fighters as Enoeda sensei, Andy Sherry, Terry O'Neil,.

Shotokan Raw Power

These short clips are from the 1970s and 80s, recorded before the 'health and safety' regulations vitiated the art.

Randy WIlliams - Profile of Honour

Randy, one of the KUGB's front line fighters, always cool under pressure, and always reliable. His main armament was his reverse punch, used with impeccable power and timing. Rest in peace Randolph.

Elwyn Hall - The Heat of Battle

Elwyn Hall takes traditional, basic dojo techniques onto the street.

Legend Productions

Historical archive of JKA style Shotokan karate, clips from the 80's - before the concerns for health and safety reduced the art to a sport.

The Shotokan Legacy

There is a place for a 'sport' oriented karate, and there are some excellent athletes, as well as top-class fighters in the 'sport'.

The Shotokan Legacy 1

From the early days of seemingly slow-low power techniques, to the explosive speed and power of the 70's & 80's, what legacy are we now left with?

George Best - A Shotokan Profile

George Best, one of the KUGB's most reliable front line fighters and has a record that includes having fought Japans Masao Kagawa twice in the World Shoto championships.

Ronnie Christopher - A Shotokan Profile of Honour

Ronnie Christopher began training at the age of 14 and his obvious talent and dedication were quickly noticed by the KUGB senior instructors.

Legend Productions

We hold what is probably the largest archive of Shotokan karate film and video footage available anywhere. Dating from the 1950s through to the present day, we have produced digitally enhanced, professionally edited programs of the finest international Shotokan events ever recorded.