Video Clips

Shotokan Tiger - Enoeda

Enoeda - The Tiger of Shotokan: no better description could be more fitting than this, and yet Enoeda was a gentleman in his everyday life, and a valued friend to many.

Enoeda Shotokan Tiger

Another clip from our archive, celebrating the life of Enoeda sensei as March 29th 2013 marks the 10th anniversary of Sensei's death - although he's no longer with us, his memory lives on.

St EKGB Championships - Ponds Forge 1991

Some well-known faces here, but Shotokan is not represented. However, both kumite and kata standard was high.

Legend Productions 1

Legend Productions - one of the world leaders in the production of Shotokan video programmes.

Enoeda Master Text Clip Reel

These clips are from the Enoeda Master Text DVDs - five discs that cover everything from basics - kata and kihon - through to JKA black belt standard.

2001 Funakoshi Invitational Championship - Bucharest

Funakoshi Invitational Cup - The setting - Bucharest 2001 -- an international Shotokan event featuring some of Europe's finest fighters.

SHOTOKAN - Kata - Its Grace and Its Power

There are those who view kata as something from the past that has to be practised in order to pass their grades.

KUGB 1986 National Championship Evening Finals

A little nostalgia from our archive - the KUGB 1986 Championships held at Crystal Palace - almost 2 hours of edited highlights from the evening, finals.

SHOTOKAN - From Our Archive

We hold what is probably the largest archive of pre-1990 traditional Shotokan competition footage; film and video - holding full copyright to this material.

Legend Productions

We hold what is probably the largest archive of Shotokan karate film and video footage available anywhere. Dating from the 1950s through to the present day, we have produced digitally enhanced, professionally edited programs of the finest international Shotokan events ever recorded.