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The Art of War


A four-volume set of programmes that examines the fighting styles of some of the world's finest traditional fighters.

Packed with over 2,000 breathtaking clips, recorded at major national and international events worldwide. The footage is unique and covers a time frame between the early 1970s up to the late 1980s. The vast majority of this material is Shotokan based and includes most of the world champions across those particular years, especially Brennan - Hall - Christopher - Best - Allata - and many other top continental European fighters. You will never again see this kind of combat: most of these events were judged using the FAJKO system of adjudication, which basically meant 'last man standing wins' and quite often this level of savage contact resulted in serious injuries. The introduction of the WUKO system of kumite judging changed competition fighting from combat to point scoring between athletes and although this was inevitable, it sadly reduced the highly-charged excitement of championship fighting and, of course, crowd size as well. It is not uncommon these days to hear people decry traditional karate as being "ok in the Dojo but little use in a real situation..." - well, once you have seen some of this footage, you will seriously question that kind of statement.

The contents of this series is without doubt, the finest example of real Shotokan fighting spirit and power available anywhere today. If you need further confirmation of the contents, just check out the comments on the YouTube clip, almost half a million (to date) positive raves. As the editor of Shotokan Karate Magazine stated, 'you will never see this level of combat again'.

This is a special re-edited version of the original (2002) Art of War and includes new footage - almost 3 hours (175 minutes) of wall to wall Shotokan dynamite. The original material has been digitally enhanced, and volume 4 - titled 'The Past The Present & The Future' includes clips from the 2006 JSKA World Championships, held in New York. This last programme draws a sharp distinction between traditional Shotokan, and the WKF sport karate. This level of kumite is now a part of history that will never be seen again; replaced by athletes who are fast punchers; kickers etc: but lack the savage power of these fighters. There are no long sequences of fighters bouncing around endlessly, waiting for the moment to put a fast technique in, then jumping in the air, or wildly raising a fist signalling their claim to a point - but then again, that's what athletes do! This is original JKA style kumite, and any doubts about Shotokan's efficacy in real combat will be quickly dispelled.

Total running time of this full set is 175 minutes.

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We hold what is probably the largest archive of Shotokan karate film and video footage available anywhere. Dating from the 1950s through to the present day, we have produced digitally enhanced, professionally edited programs of the finest international Shotokan events ever recorded.